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  1. Dear Ms Paula Bialski,

    My name is Monika Bodera and I am the Managing Director of Polarity UK, a marketing research and consulting agency, specialising in studying ethnic minorities. We are a leading provider of data on the Polish community in the UK, having created an access panel allowing us to conduct online surveys on samples of 200 – 1000 respondents.

    Being aware of your recent project on the role of religion in migrants’ experiences, it is my wish to introduce a potential cooperation and I would be delighted to discuss it further if appropriate. We provide:

    • Access to a sample of Polish migrants, representative of the Polish community in the UK
    • Ongoing recruitment of respondents using a variety of methods with strict control of the quality of the sample
    • Qualitative and quantitative research conducted by bilingual professionals (focus groups, in-depth interviews, omnibus)

    As Polarity UK we have worked on a number of social research projects and were speakers at the Neighbourhood Renewal Conference this year. I will be sending the company presentation by post. Please feel free to address it in your response, or forward it to a colleague, who may be in a better position to review it.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Monika Bodera

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